May month-card

IMG_9257I did something almost different then usual o monthly cards and I like it:) I usually just ad the calender and adhere it with stripes of cardstock. On this one I cut it to small so I had to make it a bit different, the idea is still the same, the calender is just smaller but I think the look is very different and fun.

I mounted the calender on a card from Becky Higgins Blush.

Week 11-18

Here comes some of the spreads for week 11 to 18 2014.

IMG_9227IMG_9228Week 11: On this spread I used the Journal themed cards from Becky Higgins and I did use some Jillibean Soup alphabetstickes for my titelcard. This week I tried something new and added some text to my photos before I developed them. I like how it turned out and that I could get quite a lot of text on the 3×4 without writing all over it. I have marked which week it is on my monthly card with a small clearstamp dot and a couple of different memento dew drops.


IMG_9231 IMG_9232Week 12: On this spread I used some yellow cards from Midnight and I mostly decorated with these circle letters from Fancy Pants paper True Friend. I also used some enamel from doodlebug, I love all enamel dots and have quite a few but I never use them because I never know how to but I think I was successful this time.


IMG_9238 IMG_9236Week 13: Here I’m using Kiwi from Becky Higgins and a sticker from Me and My Big Ideas called Baby Girl.


IMG_9239 IMG_9241Week 17: I’m using Cherry from Becky higgins and decorated with some banners made with Stampin Up’s Banner punch, the stampset Banner Blast and some memento dew drops. The Love banner at the right side middle is from one of the studio Callico-kits.


IMG_9246 IMG_9244 IMG_9247 IMG_9250Week 18 is a double spread due to a weekend trip we made to our friends summerplace. I have used the Becky Higgins Slate and the decorations are stickers from the Simple stories DIY Labels. The letters are as usual Jillibean:)


Kits: Becky Higgins – Journal, Midnight, Kiwi, Cherry, Slate.

Decorations: Jillibean Soup – Alphabet stickers. Memento dew drops. Fancy pants- True friends. Doodelbug – Enamel. Me and My big ideas – Baby Girl. Stampin’ up- Banner punch, Banner Blast. Studio Callico. Simple Stories – DIY Stickers Labels.

Jars for coffe and jam

In my family we use masonjars for many things, especially for coffee, tea and jam. After using the jars for a while we discovered that the jars that had coffee in them never could be used to anything else again. After cleaning them by hand or in the dishwasher they still smelled a lot like coffepowder and everything in the jar tastes like coffepowder. So we needed to mark the jars somehow (coffeeflawored jam isn’t very nice for pancakes…). I did have somevinylsheets and etchingcreame home so I made an mask with the vinyl and the Cole’s ABC die from Lawn Fawn. I think it turned out really good and will soon do the same for the tea and jam-jars.

IMG_8472 IMG_9267 IMG_9274Kaffe is the swedish word for Coffee.


Lawn Fawn – Cole’s ABC




New inkpad storage

So i have been using my small inkpads a lot lately and getting more and more frustrated with my storage of them. They have been thrown into a small box and they are there all  jumbled and I can never find the one I’m looking for and sense I don’t see them all I have a hard time knowing which ones I have. So I decied it was time to do something. I did buy some foamboard a while back so I just cut up some strips to make placeholders in my little box (it’s Tjena from Ikea if someone wonders). It’s an improvement but I’m not completely happy yet- I’ll just need to figure out how I want it.


Week 2-8

Here comes some of my weeks from the beginning of 2014.


IMG_8428 IMG_8429Week 2: I have used the Midnight Core kit from Becky Higgins and i have tried my first real decorating using the Simple stories Baby girl stickers. I just love the midnight kit- its so easy to use and are one of the few collections I think make dull winter-images flattering. I have decided to make a weekly calendar-card to show of the date of the days in that specific week. The calenders are an freebee from one of the nice girls in the Project Life Sweden group on facebook which I then adhere to some of the cards in the kit I use for that specific week. I love that it brings all the weeks together and that the dates are visually shown.


IMG_8431 IMG_8434Week 3: This month-card did i show in a post a long time ago, when i actually made it. You can find it here. I love that soft colors of Neapolitan but rarely have photos I think are suitable for it but this week I had a lot pf photos with Freja’s blanket so I could finally use some of them:).  The decorations on this week is my own doodles- but I did decorate, that two weeks in a row maybe I’m getting the hang of that.


IMG_8440 IMG_8441Week 4: This week I used some of the cards I got from my Studio monthly-subscription. I have had a hard time using my subscriptions because I’m really bad at matching cards by myself (thank god for core-kits) but I made a try and it turned out really good if I may say so. The decorations are from Simple Stories Baby girl stickers and as an afterthought I really do hate the flower on the right side but I have to move on and not obsess.


IMG_8442 IMG_8443Week 5: This week I used the baby for her mini kit from Becky Higgins and the few decorations i used are yet again from SS baby girl stickers. The letters on my titelcard is from Jillibean Soup and I just love the font and all their colors so I just bought all the ones I could find on Cili in papers.  This week I tried to get less people photos and more everyday life-photos which means i get one like that:) But it’s progress…

IMG_8444IMG_8445Week 6: One again I used the Jillibean letters combined with the Honey core kit. I made this spread on one of our monthly PL-meetings here in Gothenburg. Due to all the good influence, especially from Anna, so I dared try something new: I cut my photos a bit. So i trimmed down two photos and matted them on a 4×6 and could then get some journaling done. I loved how the one on the left page turned out and really did like the one on the right, but you win some and lose some. I think I’ll try this more often:)


IMG_8446 IMG_8447

IMG_8454 IMG_8455Week 7-8: I used the Journal themed cards from Becky Higgins and I just love the bright colors. There are not many cards in this pack but I have used almost everyone which is a bit unusual for me, I’m more of a hoarder then user:)



Core kits: Becky Higgins: Midnight, Neapolitan, Baby for her mini kit, Honey, Journal Themed. Studio Callico: monthly kit.

Decorations: Simple Stories: Baby Girl Stickers. Jillibean Soup stickers.

Some spreads from 2013

Here comes some of  my spreads from 2013, i did these spreads by events and not weeks.


IMG_8402 This is the premiere of our barbecue, I used the slate core kit and some Lawn Fawn dies for my titelcard.


IMG_8403 IMG_8407This is from our 3D-ultrasonic of our babygirl. On the first Ultrasonic I used the red cards from Becky Higgins Honey so I did the same here so it would be cohesive. The images was printed at the clinic so I did use the originals (I do of course have a digital copy as well). The prints were were thin and flimsy so i adhered them to some black cardstock and then cut them with my Becky Higgins die.


IMG_8408This spread if from a weekend-trip to Germany, the spread is very simple but I really like the map (from google I think) that shows the hotel’s location.


IMG_8410This one is from my daughters birth and I have included all the thing we got at the hospital. I have to admitt that I was a bit tiered when doing these weeks so there isn’t any decorations at all, and I’m not that decorate much to begin with. But I have plans to get back and ad some colors and maybe some decorations later on, especially to the bracelet-pockets which looks a bite bare right now. But it still makes me all warm and fuzzy looking the the bracelets and the little welcome that they left at the breakfast-tray (she is born at 8 in the morning).


IMG_8425 IMG_8423As a first-time mother I have of course taken far to many photos of my trolls funny faces (and sleeping-habits) but sometimes they just end up as a really fun sequence and then I wanna get all photos in the spread.


IMG_8420 IMG_8421When Freja was born she got three big packages in the mail with clothing and letters from my grandparents. The letter were so sweet and just like my grandparents in all ways to I saved them and just put them in some bigger pages. There were three letters so I did put in one 4×6 card were I wrote were and when the pages came and whar was happening in our life at that time.


So this was the last ones from 2013, hope you enjoyed it a bit.



Kits:Becky Higgings: Slate, Becky Higgings: Honey

Dies: Lawn Fawn: Coles ABC’s, Quinns 123’s. Becky Higgins’ – Die set Project Life.

Project life month-card


I just have to share a month-card I made for my project life week 3, I just love how it turned out!

The base is a card from Becky Higging’s Dear Lizzy Neapolitan kit (I thought that this kit would be to osft for me but I find myself making excuses to use it everywhere!) and then  i cut another card, from the same kit, into pieces to make the border and hearts. The shading for the month is made with a R 20 copic and the hearts is die cut with the Simon Says Stamp mini heart set die.

The calendar-part is from a freebie made by Linda Örborg.

Week 1 of 2014

2014-07-17So I have now done my first weekly spread for Project Life. Fortunately for me it was a week when not much was going one so I just choose some photos I liked and could journal generally about what was going on at that time.

I have used the Becky Higgins core kit Turquoise, a free calender that I cut up and some Jillibean Soup stickers alphabet. I decorated by using a flag-punch from Stampin’ Up and I don’t know the name (I borrowed it from a friend). The flags is colored with Rhubarb Stalk Memento Ink and then i just drew a heart with a white pen. The hearts I used for decorations is Simon says Stamp’s Mini heart set, in white and Rhubarb Stalk. The arrows are stamps from MFT’s Right This Way

Online class making papers and jorunaling-cards

For the last couple pf days I have been taking a free online class from Anika that teaches you how to make your own papers, tags, color-palettes and journaling cards in Photoshop. Its just wonderful and here comes a sneak-peak of my first try:) If you also wanna sign up, follow this link.


This is the color-palette I used as a base.


And from that palette I made this papers

Fullskärmsinfångning 2014-06-21 130142.bmp

And from those papers I got these journaling-cards

Fullskärmsinfångning 2014-06-21 130125.bmp


It’s so fun! Now i wanna do some own designs, but we’ll see if I can learn that:)

Recolored MULA from IKEA

2014-06-13A few week ago I tried to find this specific toy for my daughter that she loved from a babycafé we use to visit. I found out what it was called and also found that a cheep one was to be found at IKEA. The one at Ikea is called MULA.

Then I came across this wonderful post from Elin that had repainted her (the original colors is really boring) and I instantly started to plan my own remake.

bildSo I went to IKEA and bought MULA and then went to Panduro for some paint. With some advice from my sister we ended up with  47 Turkos, 23 Ljuslila and Olive (?). The green paint’s label is missing so I’m not sure on that one.I really think they are happy colors and the turkos is of coars my favorite and If i could do as I wanted everything in our home would be in that color.
I first laid on two layers of white and then two coats of the color and I think it is enough. In heinsight I would have bought another color for the metal (even if the paint says that it works on metal) due to the fact that the paint peels away a lot, but I don’t bother me that much (yet).