Today another very nice and well expected package landed at my desk. This time is was from Gina K. designs. I have for a very long time been wanting to order from them but i have had a hard time deciding what to order and the few times i have been clear over my ordered something have been sold out. But now i finally placed and ordered and revived it. I ordered two stamp-sets (and apparently by a miss-click i got double by one and a free one for buying 3 sets) and paper piercing templates.

I have been using the Tim Holtz design ruler for my paper piercing but I’m not happy with it. I find it hard to keep it still and on line so i decided to try Gina K’s templates. I made a quick test and i love it! I definitely like that fact that it will be easier to make circels.

I really love the Fanciful Tags stamp-set. I have all the sentiments one can need in a nice font and some frames if you need. Same goes for the Timeless textures. You always need texture-stamps. I didn’t plan the Garden silhouettes but i like the font on the sentiments so maybe i can try them for some emboss ressist techniqs.

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