So yesterday i was on a Copic-course at Scrap and Hobby. It’s not a copic-certified leader but i went to get some company and maybe get some new nice color-ideas.

We were 6 and our leader Therese and i was really nice. All the images used this time if from The Greeting Farm. So here comes the images we colored:We started out with coloring Flirty Edward from the Roll Call-kit. I so fell in love this color-combination for hair. I looks so rick and I’m really happy about how it turned out! I think I have to get two new pens;) The white highlights are made with a regular Gelly roll pen.

  • Skin: E51, E21, E11, E93
  • Hair: E49, E29, E37
  • Shirt: R59, R46, R27
  • Pant: B97, B95, 93
  • T-shirt: W1, W3, 0

There were only three sets of pens so we had to share so we didn’t all make the same color-combinations. The woman i shared pens with made this bright and fun Edward and i really liked it so i quickly made one to member it for later, so the shadowing ain’t as good as it could be. I did like both the green and blue as more radiant ones.

  • BG09, BG05, BG01
  • G07, G14, YG03

W1Then we did one in graytones and the image is Cheeky Rockabilly. I’m very pleased with the hair again. I think that after this one and Flirty Edward I’m actually gonna feel more confident with hair. This was my first time playing with the warm grays and i do like them a lot. I did think they were gonna be a bit more brown so i didn’t feel the need for them yet, but now they headed up on my wishlist. It’s really dangerous to go on courses like this – I’m so proud i didn’t get any new pens with me home… I do miss some more depth in the face and on the skin. We only did use Ciao so the W2 wasn’t available but i think that it could be a good idea to use for those that have sketch or originals.

  • skin: W1
  • hair: W3, W5, W7
  • cloth: W5, W7

This is Dylan from the Roll Call Kit and i gpt to play a little bit with him before trying to catch the bus home. I really liked hos his face turned out and i think i have to try this combination more at home. I also think that i have to make my first try on dark skin to make his justice. I did color his entire face, including the eyes with the E51 and E21, but i did use the Blender Pen to give them a lighter shade in the end.

  • (Yellow Shirt:)
  • Skin: E51, E21, E11, E93
  • T-shirt: BG09, BG05, BG01
  • Shirt: G07, G14, YG03
  • Pants: W3, W5

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