Yesterday i spent all evening making a storage-solution for my new and beloved Copics. In the morning me and my fiancée was out to building stores looking for things for him. In one of the, Hornbach I think, i stumbled over a container of empty boxes. And after some measuring, that was overlooked by a very surprised workers, i found out that the boxes would be a perfect base for my pen-storage. I asked the lovely people there and i could take as many boxes as i wanted. SO i picked up 4 of them, thinking that one wil be the base and that i could use materials from a second one and in this way making two stands.

So with a lot of duct tape, a craft knife and my boxes i started to play around. I only did one, when i discovered it was enough for the pens i have now, but i have saved the boxes for a later one. Unfortunate the duct tape ran out before i had made my finishing touches but i don’t think it matters sense it’s only me that gonna see it up and close. But when i get my hands on more I will fix the insides so they are all covered in black and perhaps decorate the outside with some nice patterned paper.

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