In my family we use masonjars for many things, especially for coffee, tea and jam. After using the jars for a while we discovered that the jars that had coffee in them never could be used to anything else again. After cleaning them by hand or in the dishwasher they still smelled a lot like coffepowder and everything in the jar tastes like coffepowder. So we needed to mark the jars somehow (coffeeflawored jam isn’t very nice for pancakes…). I did have somevinylsheets and etchingcreame home so I made an mask with the vinyl and the Cole’s ABC die from Lawn Fawn. I think it turned out really good and will soon do the same for the tea and jam-jars.

IMG_8472 IMG_9267 IMG_9274Kaffe is the swedish word for Coffee.


Lawn Fawn – Cole’s ABC




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