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Another Bib


So I made another bib, or actually I did a lot more but I only made one new color-combination. I haven’t bought any new fabric so there ain’t to many combination to be done.

I have avoided to made one that is mostly white, or that have white trimmings so they won’t look dirty to quickly. The green and the pink fabric really don’t go well together so thats´’s another combination that’s out.

A baby-sun-hat

2014-04-21, 2This easter have just been so wonderful. The weather have been warm and sunny all day so we have been out having lots of fun. A walk in the park, barbecue and just a couple of walks. Unfortunately we wasn’t really prepared baby-wise. We soon realized that Freja only have winter-hats. Due to all shops being closed for easter I started to Google pattern for sun-hats. I found this tutorial and pattern from Bethany.

2014-04-20It was really easy to follow (I didn’t cut and sew the straps, instead I breaded some yarn. I think that a strap that you can tie is better so it can be adjusted for size and occasion) and the hat is just so cute… but to small for my daughter. The hat I made from Bathany’s pattern is approximately 38cm in diameter (my daughter has 43).

After another search I found someone saying that the hat-part should have the length of 1/3 of the diameter you want. So I copied the pattern from Bathany and resized it in Word. My base is now 14cm instead of 11cm, and my bring has an inner diameter of 17 cm (calculated after the hat-part was done s that the brim would be the exact length I needed. This one is slightly to big for my daughter, but in the good way. She can probably have it for a month or two and it’s still good for now. On the second one I then attached a ribbon to ad some interest. On the picture below you can see the difference in size.

2014-04-21, 1

Handmade Bibs

IMG_4833Freja is now old enough to get some food, but that also means she is old enough to get food all over. We bought a babybjörn-bib but it’s to firm and she is to short so it gets uncomfortable for her, so I have been looking around for some soft bibs and didn’t find any. Or at least not any for a price I’m willing to pay. Then I decided to see if I could find some patterns online and make my own. I found a couple of ones but I really liked the one from Linda at Craftaholic anonymous, and I have used her Infant one for all the three bibs here (The infant and the toddler pattern is the same around the neckline and just differ on the length).

IMG_4760I started out with doing the green one and for that one I followed that pattern. The green is vaxed fabric and the black is regular cotton liner. The neckline is a perfect fit for my daughter so I fear that it will be to small soon so for the next one I altered the neckline. I really do like the pattern, the shape and length is perfect and I like that the pattern isn’t handmade. It’s easy to trace and is symmetrical. The green bib have been used and cleaned before this picture and are therefore a bit wrinkly, which doesn’t bother me (same with the pink and white one).

IMG_4839For the next one I altered the neckline by just drawing a straight line from the inside of the neckline and up to the edge. I also made the pocket a bit wider so it would stand out more then one the green one, but after using the green one the pocket stands out enough so I won’t do that alteration on the future ones. One this one I was in a hurry when it sewed the lining so it’s folded on some places (sorry for that). I really like the color-combination of this one and I look forward to made more bibs in different colors. I intend to decorate the pocket on future ones but I haven’t found a way to stitch on letters and shape which gets nice enough, yet. This one is also made with vaxed fabric and cotton liner.

IMG_4843The last one I made is from oil-cloth (a piece of a tablecloth) which is a bit stiffer then the vaxed fabric (Freja can use it but I think it needs to be used more to soften the fabric some, now it looks a bit uncomfortable but still usable). I just love the mushrooms! One this one I also altered the neck but i keep the pocket as the pattern made it.

Now when I have made some and got a hang of it a bib takes about half an hour to make from start to end. So it’s easy and fast. I really recommend it for those with infants (much cheaper also). Example: The muchroom-bib roughly costed 4 Euro (for liner and fabric) and then I have fabric left for probably two more bibs. I will make lots of more (have lots of fabric left) and I intend to leave some behind at Freja’s Grandmothers, aunts and so on so I don’t need to bring it with me all the time. I also plan to make some as gifts but that is probably something for later.

And here comes a picture of Freja eating and smearing bana-pure all over in her pretty bib.

Owl-mobile: finished

2014-01-19So the Owl-mobile is finally done. When I started off I imagine that it would be 5 owls but after some measuring I realized that with this size there is only room for 3. So this is the ones I made.

On the Pink one i stitched the wings and feet before putting the two halves together but I really didn’t like how it looked and how it felt when I needed to stitch the halves together so on the black one I did wings and feet last.

I made hooks of some old paper-clips but I’ll see what I can find for solution later on.

You can see the Pattern I used here.

Owl-mobile: the frist owl done

So a couple weeks before our little Freja arrived I started to make some felt-owls for an owlmobile. I didn’t get very far, due to the total lack of inspiration during my pregnancy but yesterday I finished the first one and more is on the way.

2013-12-13 1

2013-12-13 2

My Owl don’t have any tailfeathers yet but I might add it on later. I made the body first and then sewed together the top of the body, put the breaded hanger in between the bodyhalfs and then sewed up the bottom. After that I remember that feet and wings would be good so I put them on later. I thought I would do wings and feet before sewing it together on the next owl but now when I’m doing the next one I realized that you could and should do that with the feet but if you attach the wings before sewing the halfs together it will be hard to stitch the halfs together nicely so I would recommend to do the wings last.

My hanger is just two strands of black and one strand of white yarn that I breaded together. I made the hanger longer then the Carrier so I have some space to play with but also so I can fasten I on the Carrier later. The pupils are just drawn on with a permanent marker but I might sew something on later, the permanent marker was a nice solution when I didn’t find my black felt (that I later found under the sofa).


I’m using this pattern which I have found on a couple of different sites but I haven’t really found a creator, I found it on this site. I have shrunk the pattern down a bit (don’t remember by how many percent) so that I could fit a couple of ones hanging on our babycarrier. I used this stitches for the outline and just some regular ones to stitch the parts. For the stuffing I used the filling from an old Ikea-pillow.

So hopefully the finished mobile will be up soon:)


So our little girl came to the world a bit earlier then expected and is now 3 weeks old (time flies). The good thing is that my crafting-inspiration is back.The bad thing is that time flies and most of my days still goes to looking at our little princess.

So the truth is that I haven’t made a crafty thing yet (even if I have lots of plans) but the good news is that my dear sister is on a visit and she made me and Freja a babynest. The babynest turned out great! She found the cutest fabric for me (I just love owls) and Freja have been sleeping nicely in it last night and all day today. And the best thing is that it fits the cradle perfectly so now we don’t need to stuff the sides and bottom with miscellaneous things.

The pattern is mostly taken from this site, but with some changes, plan and unplanned.


The next step is to sew some handles, but that will be for another day:)

2013-12-04 3
Aunt Jenny in the process
The finished babynest
2013-12-04 2
The use of Freja’s babynest:) Allowing mum and dad to cook dinner together in the kitchen

Black and White Christmascandles

So because i already gave my parents their christmasgifts two weeks before Christmas i wanted to give them something little on chritsmas eve, so i decorated some candles.

The candles are “Fenomen” from IKEA and i did use two sets of stamps from Panduro. The Pinecone one and the christmas tree one.

One thing i didn’t remember from the last time i did candles was that the silk paper is so thin that when you stamp on it the ink will get through. Fortunate i had my craftmat under, but i was annoying. I did like how the pinecones look, they are striking and bold.

Stamps: Panduro – Talkottar (“pinecones”) and Gran/God Jul (“Christmas tree/Merry Christmas”)

Other: Candles (from IKEA), White silk paper, wax-paper.

Decorated Tea-balls

Last weekend, when i celebrated Christmas with my siblings i gave my brother and my sister 2 teaballs each that i had decorated. I had totally forgot all about them until i saw the pictures in my camera when I were preparing for the magnolia card I just published, but here they come…

I got the idea from Tina that told me that she had done decorated tea-balls for a friend. Unfortunately i did mine in last second, that last one was finish 5 min after my mother said that we would start heading over to their place for the celebration.

I had a very clear image in my head of how they would look and i can honestly say that the end result is nothing near what i had in mind, but i’m happy anyway. My tip for anyone that does this is to replace the original chain with one made with the rings you have decorated and some empty.

I didn’t get a good result decorating the chain with adding metallic loops with pearls so I ended up adding the pearls to the already existing chain with nylon wire instead. In the end of all the chains I fastened a charm. Another problem that struck me was that i only had 4 colors of pearls and that i should have bought some that wasn’t blue and purple:P

Next time I want mine to look more like these, and i think it’s a good idea to use pearls that only is attached on one side, like Evelina did.

4 teaballs, some pearls and nylonwire.

Two necklaces

Today i have been making two necklaces. The base is a acrylic plastic, that i have bought from Panduro, and a silver jumpring.

The first one (the circle) is simple backed with paper, the Bo Bunny Peacock Lane from the Peacock Lane collection. I used Glossy accent as a glue and a seeler for the backside. Then i took a few pearls and colored then with my copics (V17 and BG49).

The second one is backed with Graphic45s paper Extravaganza from the Le Cirque collection. Then i took a thin ribbon and glued it to the sides so it got a more defined edge.

It did find it hard to make the glue perfect against the acrylic and i can see something behind it that ain’t that nice, not bubbles but some disturbance. But it’s only visible when you look very close so it won’t destroy the overall-visual of the pendant.

Min första Memory Frame

I brist på någon inspiration alls bestämde jag mig för att leka med mina memory frames som jag köpte på mässan i höstats och ofta känner att jag vill leka med. Jag har använt en kopparfärgad memory frame som jag sedan har duttat lite med silver alcohol ink för att få ett mer slitet och dynamiskt utseende. Min bas till motivet är en bit av Bo Bunnys papper Sophie Chic som jag sedan lagt till tre olika rubb-ons, sticklers och distress ink. Jagh ar valt att lägga ganska mycket Pine Needels i det högra hörnet för att få en mörkare grön färg där rankorna börjar. I mittdelen av motivet ligger det en hint av Dusy concord och övre vänstra hörnet har mustard Seed för att symbolisera solen. Sedan har jag lagt lite stickles över, Aqua på rankan och Stardust på kolibrins vinge och på grässtråt åt vänster. Jag är nöjd över helheten, men foto ser lite tråkigt ut då sticklesdragen är tydliga men det ser helt ok ut i verkligheten så att säga. Kollibri-hänget är behandlat på samma sätt som ramen och är fastsatt med en fiskelina.

When i feelt very uninspired but still wanted to make something tonight i got my memory frames out. I bought them on the autum-convention and still havn’t tried them out. I started out with adding silver alcohol ink on the frame to make it seem more dynamic and worn. The inside is based on a small piece of Bo Bunnys paper Sophie Chic and i have added some rubb ons. Lastly i distressed it with Pine Needles on the lower right corner to get the feeling of greenery were the blossom starts, the middle has a hint of Dusty Concord and in the upper left corner Mustard seed, a bit of sunshine. I have also added stickles, aqua on the greenery and star dust on the hummingbird and left straw. In the pictures the stickles lines seem very defines but when you see the pendant in real life it looks a lot better. The hummingbird-pendant is also stained with silver alcohol ink and are keept on the frame with transparent nylon thread.